• Babies Get Together

    20. September 2009

    Babies get together (Parents as well)

    After some period of experiencing mother- and fatherhood we finally made it to meet our birth preparation class mates again. Surprisingly everybody seemed to be happy and relaxed – a kind of om-state but without the torture-warped aura of a just beginning yoga class. But that’s maybe also a result of the excellent preparation everybody could enjoy during our 6-weeks training in the refridgerator tent outside the hospital. MK’s charme and stalwart manners helped at least us to become more relaxed. We’ve been so relaxed that the baby was almost delivered in the car on the way to the hospital. What could go wrong?

    As this was the first time ever we’ve been invited to such an extraordinary event, we’ve been pretty excited a) about the invitation and b) about the fact, that our beautiful daughter might not sleep at all and might cry all the time. She didn’t, instead she put on her most beautiful smile and attracked the attention of some of the boys. After a little fight between Anton and Gregorio, Anton finally got the chance to lay hands on her. Naughty boy! Proof to be seen below. Anton – your determination regarding girls is outstanding and deserves further observation and support. But be careful – Cara might be an exception. A girl lifting her shirt without being asked also implies some trouble. You know, sometimes it’s worth trying a little persuasive power. This gives you some time and space to think it over and girls like persuasion very much.

    However, it was nice to see you all  again. We hope you enjoyed it as well and that there’ll be another babies-get-together soon. Moganshan is an option we definitely should follow up, but some coffee and cakes are easier to organize. We’ll work something out and let you know timely.

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